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Black Enterprise Magazine January-March 2019 Issue

If you’re a female entrepreneur who is also a parent (mompreneurs!), building a successful business can feel like an uphill struggle. Not only do you want to ensure your company is strong, but you want to raise healthy kids who are also mentally and physically strong. One way to increase your odds of success is to go all-in on increasing your entrepreneurial hustle. If you’re a female entrepreneur with kids who wants to ensure long-term business success, the following are five fabulous ways you can increase your #mompreneur hustle rate.

1. Understand that your work ethic determines your success rate. Don’t compare yourself against other female entrepreneurs with more experience or longer careers. Your entrepreneurial journey is your own and is influenced by the amount of hustle you’re prepared to put into growing your mompreneur business.

2. What others think of you personally doesn’t matter when it comes to growing a business. Far too many female entrepreneurs let the influence of others determine their business’s growth rate. Know that the opinions of others are just opinions. How you feel about yourself and your willingness to achieve your business goals should be your focus.

3. Strong mompreneurs don’t wait for others to tell them which paths to take or which marketing outreach methods are best. Formidable female entrepreneurs set their own course and make their own rules. If you’re still waiting for others to give you permission to be successful, your chances of business growth are slim at best.

4. Fear of failure stops many mompreneurs from attempting to reach their business goals. Instead of focusing on what might happen if you fail, allow yourself to fantasize about what might happen if you succeed. Dreams of success are more intoxicating than reveling in the possibilities of failure. Immerse yourself in dreams of glory and you’ll feel inspired each day.

5. Don’t define yourself by where you are now in your entrepreneurial journey. Label yourself according to who and what you want to be once you are successful. The old adage ‘fake it until you make it’ applies to mompreneurs building businesses. Introduce yourself as founder and CEO instead of labeling yourself as a business builder in transition.

Remember these five tips and you’ll be amazed at how much more hustle you’re willing to put into building a thriving and profitable company. Mompreneurs who are willing to double-down on hustle are more likely to achieve their dreams than those who take whatever life hands their way.

Jeff Shuford

Iraq War Veteran and nationally syndicated columnist Jeff Shuford is a former TEDx speaker and a thought leader specializing in innovative digital marketing. Shuford became a nationally syndicated columnist at age 30 making him one of the youngest nationally syndicated columnists in the country and one of the youngest African-American nationally syndicated columnists of all time.  In his previous role with the American City Business Journals, Shuford's monthly column appeared in more than 43 regional business newspapers. In his position with GateHouse Media, Shuford's weekly column appears in 144 daily newspapers, 684 community publications, and over 569 local-market websites in 38 states making him one of the country's most syndicated black columnists of all time.

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