5 Work-Life Balance Tips for the Woman Who Wants it All

5 Work-Life Balance Tips for the Woman Who Wants it All

Originally Published Aug. 7, 2015

Running a business is hard work, and when it comes to juggling your entrepreneurial responsibilities with the events of everyday life, you may find that time and patience are spread thin — but don’t allow the burnout to become your new normal. Entrepreneur Ayo Ogun-McCants is a busy mother of six, who manages to run her small business, Soultanicals, a body and haircare line, while homeschooling all of her children.  She is also a dedicated wife and hard core DIY’er, who somehow still maintains a healthy work and life balance.

Wondering how she does it all? Well, after much trial and error, McCants has her balancing tactic broken down into five valuable tips for the girl who wants to do it all.

Check out her work/life balance tips below:

Ask for Assistance– Initially, I wanted to do everything. You’ve heard the saying, ‘If you want something done right, do it yourself.’ That was my motto. As my business grew, I knew that could no longer be the case as I began to burn-out. My husband saw my frustrations and suggested that we seek within. So, I decided to incorporate my family into my dream. My husband and five children all played a role in the day-to day dealings of Soultanicals and are now important assets to my business.

Develop a Predictable Routine– This was hard for me in the beginning because I always wanted to answer emails, pack orders, sponsor an event, and create marketing material on a whim. In return for doing things as they came in, I ended up forgetting things and still ended up missing important deadlines. Structuring my day has helped tremendously in setting boundaries, delegating, and managing efficiently.

Enjoy the Journey– Pacing yourself is key to enjoying the ride. Allow yourself time to go full throttle and time to step back. Having balance is important for being in the moment and seeing your visions being fully manifested.

Connect with fellow entrepreneurs — Building strong networks and relationships can be a great learning experience and inspiring, as they can act as a valuable sounding board when you need someone to relate to and exchange ideas with.

Become Someone’s Mentor– Not only can they learn from your successes and setbacks along the way, you create a lasting impact on future legacies. Spending time shaping my children’s beliefs about what it means to ‘create their all’ is soulfully rewarding.