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50 Cent Sells Diddy Docuseries To Netflix After Bidding War

50 Cent has capitalized on the downfall of his longtime rival.

An in-depth examination of Sean “Diddy” Combs’s allegations will soon be released to the public. 50 Cent has sold his Diddy docuseries to Netflix following a bidding war.

The project will be a multi-part documentary, similar to that of “Surviving R. Kelly,” that details Diddy’s past and accusations surrounding sexual assault, domestic violence, and other nefarious actions. 50 Cent produced the feature under his G-Unit Film and Television Studios, which created hits such as the “Power” franchise and “BMF.”

According to TMZ, multiple networks and streamers were in the running to release the docuseries on their platforms. However, Netflix emerged as the highest bidder. 50 Cent, a longtime rival of the disgraced media mogul, posted the news on social media.

“NETFLIX wins the bidding war but if more victims keep coming out [shrug emoji] I’m gonna need more episodes,” shared 50 Cent in the caption.

As the “Many Men” rapper suggested, another victim has spoken out against Diddy. Model Crystal McKinney filed a lawsuit against the 54-year-old on May 21, accusing him of sexual assault in 2003. At the time, McKinney claims Diddy forced himself on her after seemingly drugging her at a party, per TMZ.

The filing occurred mere days after the release of the violent footage of Diddy beating and kicking ex-girlfriend Cassie. The incident at a hotel in 2016 was described in her original legal filing in November 2023. Diddy apologized for his actions shortly after the footage went public despite originally denying all allegations.

50 Cent seems ready to capitalize on the downfall of his rival, Diddy. The duo has had hip-hop beef for years, with 50 Cent currently relishing in his enemy’s legal turmoil. As for Diddy, there is no word thus far on whether he will try to stop the docuseries from airing.

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