60 Black-Owned Alternatives to Starbucks

60 Black-Owned Alternatives to Starbucks

The incident of two black men recently arrested for doing just what about anyone at one time or another has done at Starbuck’s—sit and wait to meet an acquaintance—resulted in mass outrage. Many expressed indignation over young black men, again, subjected to mistreatment in yet another situation that can be delicately and sardonically described as racially insensitive over-policing.

Despite the news that Starbucks will close all of its company-owned stores on the afternoon of May 29 for racial-bias education day, many black and brown people are seeking alternatives to Starbucks. Particularly, alternatives that are owned by black and brown people.

Here are 60 black-owned alternatives to Starbucks: 

Uncle Bobbie’s Coffee & Books – Germantown, Pennsylvania

Watts Coffee House – South L.A. 

Stellar Coffee – Portland, Oregon 

Red Bay Coffee – Oakland

Trill Tea – online 

Serengeti Tea and Spices – online

Village Tea Co. – online 

Sweet Unity Farms – online 

Northwest Coffee Roasting Co. – St. Louis 

The Commons – Detroit 

The Narrow Way Cafe  – Detroit 

Detroit Sip – Detroit

Beyu Caffe – Durham, North Carolina 

Plus, 47 more black-owned coffee shops, courtesy of ShoppeBlack.