Leveraging the 6 Degrees of Separation to Increase Your Brand

Leveraging the 6 Degrees of Separation to Increase Your Brand

The theory behind six degrees of separation means that each of us are linked in some way through five other people. So, what if I told you that you were only a friend of a friend away from landing your next big career opportunity? Well, here’s a weird but game-changing truth, thanks to social media, the world is getting smaller.

Let’s explore some examples that prove many of us have powerful connections right at our fingertips. For instance, a talent manager discovered Justin Beiber on YouTube and connected him to Usher. Celebrity makeup artist Tatiana Ward, also known was Beat FaceHoney, was doing makeup tutorials on YouTube. She showcased her skills by replicating a makeup look for Brandy. She also said she would love to do Nicki Minaj’s makeup. Her fans began tagging and begging the celebs to let Ward do their makeup. Not only did she land both of these women as clients, she landed a segment on Steve Harvey and currently travels the world doing makeup classes.

The point is, everyone knows someone who knows someone who can connect them with a potential opportunity.  So when it comes to increasing awareness about your personal brand, how often are you leveraging your network to cut through the digital noise on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn?

If you are ready to go from hidden figure to industry influencer, here are three ways to boost your visibility in your career.


  1. First, figure out what you want to be known for. Then assess any gaps between what is it that you think you are known for vs. what people think of you in their mind. For example, you can simply ask your followers on Instagram or Facebook, “What words come to mind when you think of me?” Or, “why do you follow me?”
  2. Post YouTube videos, Facebook, or Instagram Lives showcasing your skills and sharing your expertise and perspectives. Then ask your viewers to share with their network.
  3. Send a one- to two-paragraph email to your personal network of friends, colleagues, and family. Describe your work, the vision you have for your career, and ask them to connect you with someone who may be interested in what you have to offer.