8 Adult Summer Camps You Need in Your Life

8 Adult Summer Camps You Need in Your Life

Whoever said that summer camps are strictly for kids, clearly has no idea how to live. These people don’t understand the necessity for adults to play hard, laugh loud, throw caution to the wind, surprise themselves, and have big fun while letting their hair hair all the way down–if only for the summer.

We know better. We know what reclaiming the kid in us can do for the mind, body,  spirit, and overall sanity and we don’t take this lightly. Apparently neither does Eventbrite, as it saw fit to comprise an awesome list of summer camps across the U.S. that allows you to play kid while being trapped as a grown-up. Check it out.

1. Camp No Counselors

Camp Motto: “Escape to Happiness”

Locations: Austin, Boston, Chicago, L.A., Miami, Michigan, Nashville, New York, San Francisco, and Toronto

Camp No Counselors is an all-inclusive sleepaway camp for grown-ups. Each camp weekend is filled with land and water sports, arts ‘n crafts activities, epic nightly theme parties, gourmet meals, and–of course–all of your favorite classic camp activities from Color War to Talent Show. And I almost forgot to mention the open bar (can never forget about the open bar).

2. Camp Grounded

Locations: Northern California, New York, North Carolina, and Texas

Camp Motto: “Pure, Unadulterated Camp for Grown-Ups”

I’m going to sum this one up by saying this camp offers everything you’ve ever wanted to do at camp, but couldn’t or didn’t do. At Camp Grounded, talking about work is strictly prohibited. Campers use nicknames and are asked not to speak with others about their careers, work, or anything related to a J-O-B back in the “default world.” With FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) free play workshops, talent shows, dances, sports, and color wars, this camp will make your kid’s jealous.

3. Camp Throwback

Location: Southwestern Ohio

Think beer, panty raids, drunk field day, music, and hangovers for four days.

4. Soul Camp

Locations: New York, L.A., and San Francisco

Camp Motto: “Adult Sleepaway Camp for the Soul”

Soul Camp is a multi-day, multi-location, all-inclusive wellness sleepaway camp for adults. Each camp of between 200-300 campers leaves their worries and iPhones behind to gather and participate in dozens of workshops, classes, and seminars that nourish their bodies, minds, and spirits.

Just a heads up, Soul Camp is drug and alcohol free.

5. Adult Space Camp

Location: Huntsville, Alabama

Adult Space Academy is an adventurous, two-night experience, allowing trainees to assume roles in hands-on, interactive space missions and learn what it’s like to train as an astronaut.

This weekend program includes model rocket construction and launch, training on astronaut simulators–including the 1/6th gravity chair and Multi-Axis Trainer–plus hands-on spaceflight history education amid one of the world’s largest spaceflight collections.

6. Camp Bonfire

Location: Lake Owego, Poconos (2.5 hours outside of NYC)

Camp Motto: “Real Summer Camp for Adults”

Camp Bonfire is there for you to go for an adventure, to create, or to simply relax. Camp activities include everything from kayaking, to lake swims, to sing-a-longs, talent shows, s’mores, and more. What would you have to give up to get all of this? Outside food, drinks, technology, and illegal drugs. If you can just give up a little, you can get back a lot more than you bargained for.

7. Club Getaway

Location: Kent, Connecticut

Swim, swing, zip, hike, fly, fall, jump, dance, eat, and play–all while getting boozy. Your mission at Club Getaway? Play all day, party all night, and then play some more.

8. Adult Band Camp

Location: Interlochen, Michigan

Join more than 70 adults from across the U.S. and around the world as they come together to experience the joy of ensemble performance in a challenging, supportive, fun, and friendly environment.

Instrumental faculty will teach master classes, coach daily chamber music sessions, and play in the ensemble. The experience will culminate with a public performance in Corson Auditorium on the Interlochen Center for the Arts’ campus.