8 Educational STEM Toys for Kids at CES 2017

8 Educational STEM Toys for Kids at CES 2017

CES 2017, the annual technology trade show in Las Vegas, emphasized how ubiquitous robots and artificially intelligent devices will be in our lives over the next decade. The demand for engineers, programmers, and technology experts to keep devices and platforms safe from hacking will continue to increase.

That said, it’s never too early to get tech into the little hands of kids, to prepare them for a technologically encompassed world. This year’s CES featured STEM toys from around the world; perfect for introducing children to concepts in programming and engineering. Take a look through the gallery, to see some of the best STEM toys for kids of all ages and skill levels that were featured at CES.


1. Ablix Robot STEM Kits



Ablix‘s kits helps kids learn about project structural building, touch sensors, temperature sensors, magnetic sensors, multisensor integrated applications, program debugging, and more. Inside the kit is a project building manual and CD with a curriculum, software, programs, and videos.

2. Circuit Cubes



Designed by engineers with their own kids in mind, Circuit Cubes are electronic building blocks that add sound, motion, light, and sensors to young makers’ creations. An added plus is that they also work with Legos.

3. CoDrone



CoDrone is a portmanteau for “coding” and “drone.” Created by Robolink, the company’s mission is to make STEM education fun and accessible. What can be a more fun way of learning to code than with a drone you can also fly?

4. Domgy



Roobo’s adorable Domgy robot makes a great companion for children and is a way to introduce kids to robots. Domgy plays music, can navigate itself indoors, performs facial recognition, along with a host of other features.

5. Edwin the Duck



Edwin may be the world’s first IoT rubber ducky. Edwin connects with his accompanying app to play soothing, nighttime sounds to help kids go to sleep, and it helps children learn through songs and educational games. Edwin also functions as a real, traditional rubber ducky because he’s waterproof. Additionally, the non-toxic material makes Edwin a good toy for teething.

6. Makeblock



Makeblock offers Arduino-based, STEM,  robotics building kits that can be programmed with the Scratch language. There are kits available for those new to robotics and programming, and for those who are more advanced. Makeblock’s kits are used as actual classroom teaching tools.

7. Square Panda



Square Panda turns an iPad into “a multisensory phonics learning system.” With Square Panda and the iPad, kids have interactive phonics learning games and a Bluetooth play set, with actual colorful letters kids can pick up and match with objects on the screen.

8. Zyrobotics Zumo Learning System



Zyrobotics is a startup co-founded by Dr. Ayanna Howard, an African American, female roboticist, who has worked with NASA. The Zumo Learning System includes a tablet, math games, and a wireless smart toy named Zumo. The apps are designed for kids from kindergarten to third grade.