82-year-old Widow Needs Fundraiser to Help Save Her Home, Owes $38K in HOA Fees

82-year-old Widow Needs Fundraiser to Help Save Her Home, Owes $38K in HOA Fees

Marie Riggins, 82, moved into her corner lot home in Inglewood, CA, with her late husband in 1986, but she filed bankruptcy after losing her spouse to pancreatic cancer 10 years ago. Now, she is in a foreclosure fight over $38,000 in HOA fees.

“The trouble began in 2017 when she began to fall behind on homeowner association dues. Riggins says her HOA is demanding $38,000 that she allegedly owes,” KTLA reported.

Despite experiencing financial hardship, Riggins said “there is no way in the world that she would owe $38,000” for her home located in the community development known as Carlton Square.

“That meant I never paid my property dues,” Riggins also said.

KTLA added that Riggins’ home now sits across from the newly built $5 billion SoFi stadium. Although it is currently worth nearly $1 million, Riggins’ home could be soon to be owned by the bank.

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Riggins is trying to regain her title back because she did not plan to move, according to KTLA. A GoFundMe page stated that Nissan Thomas, Esq. seeks to raise for  250,000 for Riggins, who lives on a fixed income and faces an increasingly urgent set of circumstances.

“The Los Angeles County Sheriff has placed a lockout notice on her door, and ​within less than 30 days, she will be permanently locked out of the home she has resided in for the past 30+ years. Ms. Riggins has retained our services to negotiate additional time to stay the lockout,” the GoFundMe message stated. “This campaign is designed to assist Ms. Riggins with whatever circumstance that may occur.”

The GoFundMe campaign information explained that Riggins needs resources to purchase her home or to hire movers, relocate,  ​secure storage facilities ​for her personal belongings and find another place to live.

In 2020, Money reported about federal protections weakening in cases of eviction and foreclosure policies. According to the report, California already had extensive laws for those struggling to pay rent. However, questions remained about how program gaps could be filled and the state of emergency ended, even with individuals with mortgages. And in cases like Riggins’, elderly Americans who are in their retirement years experiencing additional financial emergencies could also lose their homes.

If anyone would like to donate to the GoFundMe campaign to help Riggins, please follow this link.