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86-Year-Old FedEx Employee Killed On The Job

At the FedEx World Hub in Memphis, 86-year-old employee, Verna Mae Jackson, lost her life in a work-related accident.

In a tragic incident at the FedEx World Hub in Memphis, 86-year-old Verna Mae Jackson, a dedicated and longtime employee, lost her life in a work-related accident. The incident occurred on Dec. 6 around 11:30 p.m.; the family’s lawyer, Jeffrey Rosenblum, shared the event’s details, according to ABC24.

According to Rosenblum, the accident occurred when Jackson, noticing an envelope protruding from a container, hurried to retrieve it. A lack of adequate safety measures allegedly led to the death. Rosenblum emphasized the family’s desire for the community to recognize Jackson’s deep affection for her work at FedEx and her camaraderie with her colleagues.

“Her family wants the community to know that she loved working for FedEx, and she loved the people that she worked with,” remarked Rosenblum, offering a glimpse into the emotional impact on Jackson’s loved ones. Friends and family expressed their grief on social media, describing Jackson as “the sweetest lady in the world,” and her church, Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church, paid tribute to her as “a living, lasting memory.”

Rosenblum underscored the preventable nature of the incident, pointing out lapses in safety precautions. He explained that the driver of a mail-carrying vehicle failed to adequately signal, creating a hazardous situation. In his statement, Rosenblum advocated for implementing available technology that could audibly alert individuals to a moving vehicle, preventing such tragic accidents.

“The safety precautions that could’ve protected her were not in place. This was a completely preventable death,” declared Rosenblum, raising questions about the lack of sufficient safety protocols at the FedEx facility. He highlighted the existence of technology capable of issuing warnings before a vehicle moves, expressing the belief that such measures, if in place or properly maintained, could have averted the loss of Verna Mae Jackson’s life.

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