9-5 and 6-10: Balancing Your Day Job with Your Night Hustle (Part 3)

We’re now on part 3 of the 5 part series exploring the balancing act an entrepreneur must perfect when having a day job, while pursuing additional dreams. Ultimately, the hope is that here you may find tangible tips to apply to your own balancing act of working by day while working the dream by night.

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BlackEnterprise.com shares tips and insight from various entrepreneurs successfully navigating the work day/work night lifestyle.

Sirita Wright

9-5:  Social Media Manager at Black Enterprise

6-10: Social Media Strategist, Actress and Founder of SavageGazelle.com

Balancing Act:

The best tip I can give when balancing a 9-5 with a side hustle is work in batches.

For me, as a social media consultant I am reading, tweeting and learning about various industries and how they pertain to my work and my clients work. I also schedule content and create social media strategies/plans.

To ensure that I am meeting all of my clients goals and my own deadlines, I set time aside to work solely on one task. For instance, 2 hours on Saturday mornings are dedicated to reading up on relevant client industry news, and 3 hours on Sunday for scheduling content for the next week.

It’s important to prioritize and understand your optimal working times to maximize your time overall. It’s not easy working a 9-5 plus running a side business, but it can be done.

My other hustle is acting and because I am not able to run to and from auditions, I decided my best bet would be to seek representation which gives me a competitive advantage against other actors without representation — I have made a goal to land an agent by the end of Spring. For me this means attending and auditioning at relevant talent meet ups with reputable agents and managers at least once per month and reviewing their feedback and my overall progress. These auditions are typically in the evenings which is perfect for my hectic schedule.

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