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Internet Platform ZNest Aquires Lamar Odom’s Senior Care Venture

On Oct. 11, ZNest, an internet platform, announced it had bought former NBA power forward Lamar Odom’s senior living care space business. 

As reported in a news release, Odom is now stationed as the chief creative officer for Odom Senior Care, even with the purchase of the company by ZNest.

The former baller took to Instagram to express his excitement about moving forward in the business, saying, “I am so excited to join ZNest as the Chief Creative Officer. We are definitely looking forward to making a super impact in the senior living space. [We have] the same goals, so it just made sense for us to work together.”


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Odom will be in charge of informing and directly working with people searching for the perfect place of care for their elderly family members. 

ZNest’s founder, Bennett Kim, spoke on the acquisition as well, explaining, “It became abundantly clear that and Odom Senior Care not only share similar visions but are also driven by parallel missions rooted deeply in personal family experiences. Both organizations strive to provide transparency in the opaque world of senior living, aiming to connect families with senior living facilities that fit their personal needs.”

ZNest has agreed to continue working with Odom’s management team to uplift the existing marketing in order to advance Odom Senior Care in the industry with ZNest’s current standing as a reputable online company. ZNest has already announced the release of a new consumer-accessible website in 2024 to help families gain access to additional resources and tools. 

The press release concluded, “Together, and Odom Senior Care will forge a new path, simplifying, demystifying and humanizing the process of selecting senior housing, ensuring that families can easily secure the quality, respectful care their loved ones deserve. Currently, operators can claim a profile and list their facilities on the site by visiting”