NBC’s Lester Holt Is All About the Low Notes

NBC’s Lester Holt Is All About the Low Notes

Award-winning journalist Lester Holt speaks with AARP about his other passion in life in addition to news; playing the bass guitar. Here are quotes by Holt in an excerpt from the article on AARP’s website.

I love all kinds of music – right now I’m in a rock band with some coworkers – but jazz is my favorite style.  There’s a freedom of expression in jazz; it’s improvisational.  I never play a tune the same way twice.

I worked weekends for many years before I became a weeknight anchor.  As I’ve become more known as an anchorman, I’ve always told myself Do not let this job define you.  Obviously I have a passion for the news and enjoy what I do, but I’m not “Lester Holt, Anchorman.”  I’m just me, and I’ve always believed you should have something in your life that you are just as passionate about as you are about your work.  For me, it’s the bass.

I told my wife that when I retire from this job, one thing I would consider doing is being in a wedding band.  If you think about it, most people don’t go out dancing very often.  So when do they dance?  At the wedding receptions!  I was at a wedding last summer, and the band was playing all the great songs, and people were up and dancing and having a wonderful time.  And I thought, Man, what a cool job that would be – to delight people like that.  The only problem, of course, is that it would mean working weekends again.

–  As told to Jennifer E. Mabry.

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