Actress Vivica A. Fox Under Fire for Calling Kevin Samuels’ Death ‘Karma’

On the Fox Soul show/podcast, Cocktails with Queens—actress Vivica A. Fox, one of the show’s co-hosts, made what some believe was an insensitive comment about the death of the controversial YouTube star Kevin Samuels.

Samuels died on May 5 in his apartment in the company of a woman who frantically attempted to save his life. His death was reported as a cardiac event.

“This man was a hypocrite, in my honest opinion,” said Fox on the show. The hosts were discussing comments by comedian Marlon Wayans who said that Samuels offered “healing through ‘nasty a** medicine.’”

“He really was,” Fox said. “I didn’t find anything about him to be healing. He insulted African American women on a consistent basis.” The 57-year-old actress, like many others, also commented on Samuels’ last video, where he called women over the age of 35 “leftovers.”

“To me, he was a shock jock,” she added. So, the fact that he keeled over real quick and was supposedly with a woman that we don’t yet know the nationality … rest in peace,” she added with an eyebrow raised.

Fox was not the only one of the co-hosts who disagreed with Samuels’ delivery or Wayans opinion on it. The show’s host, Claudia Jordan, said, “I’m gonna say this, and people can be mad at me if they want to. Just because someone passes on it doesn’t mean we can’t say anything honest or negative about you. We can’t be held accountable for the things that we said while we were alive?”

However, she later added, “I think he made some valid points. I think people are very unrealistic about relationships.”

One critic on Instagram wrote, “Gloating on someone’s death is tacky and shows you have no class!!” wrote a detractor on Instagram. “Who are you to judge anybody! You mad the things he said applied to you! Grow up!!”

On Twitter, another detractor wrote, “Vivica Fox hasn’t been relevant since the 90s. She is a leftover woman like Kevin Samuels said, and for her to be so happy about his passing, disguising it as karma. Explains why she’s been irrelevant for decades and still don’t have a man.”

Funeral services for Samuels have yet to be announced.