African American-Owned Hair Company For Boys Launched In Over 1,200 Target and Walmart Stores

African American-Owned Hair Company For Boys Launched In Over 1,200 Target and Walmart Stores

Boys need to embrace haircare routines, but for so long, their grooming needs have been overlooked. Some parents are left feeling frustrated while not knowing where to turn. Then enters Young King Hair Care. Founded by Atlanta-based couple, Stefan Miller and Cora Miller, the company’s multicultural beauty brand is the first intended for young men. According to Young King Hair Care’s website,  the company sells everything needed to keep “his” curls poppin.’

Leave-in conditioner, essential oils, and curling cream are among the products sold. The Royal Treatment, King’s Court Bundle, Crown Wash Set Bundle (Kids Shampoo & Kids Conditioner), Young King Essentials Set, and the King’s Court Essential Bundle are listed as some of the company’s bestselling products sold on its platform. And if you are wondering if Young King Hair Care can be used by a variety of multicultural hair types, according to a Facebook post, products are made for hair textures ranging from 3A to 4C.


Stefan’s LinkedIn profile describes Young King Hair Care’s products as clean, vegan, plant-based and free from harmful ingredients with a signature scent that is suitable and appealing for a young boy. Also, Young King Hair Care has been well received in the beauty marketplace and by consumers. The owners say that they strive to redefine male grooming and self-care. Messaging and proven results seem to be in sync. Progress is being made, allowing the company to reach noteworthy milestones.

For example, a press release revealed that the company launched in over 1200 Target and Walmart Stores.


Credit- Instagram

“Our ambition is to redefine male grooming by focusing on the next generation. We seek to encourage boys to show up with full confidence and present their best selves each and every day. To learn more visit,” it also stated.

“We are here to shake up the beauty industry by redefining self-care and grooming for the next generation of Black and Brown men, giving them the confidence they need to be their best selves everyday,” said Cora in a press release.

How did the Miller’s journey begin? Voyage ATL reported that Cora was a first-time mother to a baby boy named Kade. He happened to have a head full of hair.

“I was surprised to discover that there were no products specifically designed for curly-headed boys. When Kade turned one, his hair changed into its natural, curly kinky texture, so I begin searching for products and resources to help me better care for it,” Cora said, also mentioning that products she found were geared toward girls. “With this in mind and inspired by Kade, in early 2018, my husband and I started working to create products that felt made for any boy with textured hair. After months of researching, developing and testing products, while balancing our full-time jobs, parenthood and our personal lives, we officially launched Young King Hair Care in November 2019 – and the response so far has been incredible!”

And now, more young kings can enjoy the royal hair treatment.