Airbnb, Black women, racist tweets

Airbnb Host Claims App Banned Him Over Racist Posts About Black Women

The host referred to the race of guests in numerous posts, even calling Black women 'ghetto.'

An Airbnb host believes the app banned him over racist tweets he made about Black women. Despite being a superhost, the X user’s words left him without the stream of income.

Petey B, whose X account name is realpeteyb123, vented about his situation to the social media app on May 14. He wrote in the lengthy post that Airbnb considers him racist due to his alleged discriminatory action.

“Airbnb threw me out of their community and canceled all of my future guests because they deemed me as racist based on my account here on X,” he shared.

He blamed the “woke company” for the guests having to source new accommodations at the last minute. He revealed his shock at Airbnb’s policy to terminate working with anyone suspected to be racist despite being a “superhost” for users.

“I was a superhost, had 200+ reviews and had amazing reviews from people of all ethnicities,” he wrote. “Never once did I discriminate against any guest. They say because of my rants about Black American females I was discriminating. On the contrary, all I did was have to manually approve guests to make sure they aren’t throwing parties. I rented my villas to African Americans and all ethnicities.”

Although he claimed not to make racially insensitive comments toward guests, Petey B has mentioned their race online before. In a prior post about renters trying to reverse the credit card charges, the man exposed the story to X, stating that the issue is common for Black female customers.

“All my friends and family who own restaurants suffer with black female patrons doing chargebacks,” shared the former Airbnb host, as reported by Newsweek. ” You can call these posts racist, or we can deal with the problem at hand. If you think I’m racist, you can kiss my a**.”

In another instance, he referred to Black women as “ghetto” for their conduct at a restaurant. The women responded to someone smoking a cigarette at a restaurant in Greece.

“My friend told her nicely that it’s allowed and they began screaming and acting hysterical and called over management,” he wrote. “Management told them it’s allowed. They said they don’t care and aren’t paying. Management told them they aren’t allowed to leave, are calling the cops and blocked them from moving. BTW the girls were ghetto.”

Despite not believing his posts were discriminatory, Airbnb considered otherwise. In its tough stance against racism, the app told Petey B that his future with them was canceled indefinitely.

“This decision is in line with our community standards and policies, which we take very seriously to ensure a safe and respectable environment for all our users,” the lodging website told him. “All upcoming reservations will be canceled and we will assist our guests with relocating.”

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