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Police Investigate Airbnb After Family Reports Suspicious Incident

Police in Lexington, Kentucky, responded after family returned to Airbnb to find windows opened.

Lexington police responded to concerns raised by a recent Facebook post detailing an unsettling experience during an Airbnb stay in the city, according to Fox 56. The renter, who remained anonymous for safety reasons, recounted their ordeal to Fox 56, revealing that they traveled from out of state for their daughter’s equine competition over the weekend of April 13. Accompanied by their elderly mother and four teenage girls, the group booked an Airbnb off Leestown Road for their visit.

Returning from dinner on April 13, the renter described a disturbing discovery. “One of the girls came in and told me that her window was open. My mom and I went to find that both windows in their room were unlocked and cracked open,” they said.

Upon receiving the report of suspicious activity, the Lexington police swiftly sprang into action. Officers were dispatched to the Airbnb at approximately 11:38 P.M. They discovered an unlocked door and an open window but were unable to confirm if a break-in had occurred or if any items were missing.

In response to the renters’ concerns, officers advised them to relocate to a hotel if they felt unsafe, assisting until they had packed their belongings and moved to a nearby hotel.

Expressing gratitude for the police response, the renter praised the officers for their prompt action, which made them feel secure. “When we opened the garage doors and saw that there were two cars and officers standing outside, it made us feel really safe. It also validated what happened to us,” they said.

The renter emphasized the importance of trusting one’s instincts and raised awareness through a social media post to encourage vigilance among fellow travelers.

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