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Viral Photo Shows White Substitute Teacher Wearing A Professor’s AKA Letterman Jacket

A student video has gone viral on X, formally known as Twitter, this week after posting a picture of a white substitute teacher wearing her professor’s Alpha Kappa Alpha jacket on Sept. 28. 

X user Pillow Princess posted a photo of her disbelief after a substitute teacher for their class decided to wear her usual teacher’s AKA letterman jacket. The student explained in the caption that the coat was left in the classroom, and the substitute, an older white woman, decided to put it on during class. The post included a picture of the woman in the jacket, buttoning it up. 

The user wrote, “Y’all why I’m in class and we got a sub and she gon grab our teacher’s AKA jacket and put it on. And then we tryna explain to her and tell her to take it off and SHE WON’T DO IT LMFAOOOO.”

Beneath the original post, the student added that she was “just hella shocked.” She continued, “Aint no way she did that.” 

She promised her followers that she would give an update when her usual teacher returned and learned of the situation. 

Social media viewers slammed the substitute teacher in the comments under the post for disrespecting the Divine Nine, Black culture, and other people’s stuff. 

One person wrote That’s mad disrespectful. She doesn’t respect Black culture.”

Others pointed out how rude it was to touch someone else’s things without permission, regardless of what the attire represented. 

“But… why would she put on that lady’s clothes anyway – AKA attire or not?! This is all awful.”

“Putting on someone else’s jacket without asking is wild.”

The varsity-style jacket was decorated with AKA memorabilia. Alpha Kappa Alpha is the first intercollegiate African American sorority in the United States, founded in January 1908 at HBCU Howard University. The sorority’s founding marked a significant step for Black women in academic and connective spaces, and it’s now one of the largest national Greek letter organizations. 

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