Akon Named ‘Tech Human Agent of Change’ by WIRED and Nokia

Akon Named ‘Tech Human Agent of Change’ by WIRED and Nokia

Rapper and Songwriter Akon has been named a Tech Human Agent of Change by WIRED and Nokia for his Lighting Africa initiative.

Over the past year, the dynamic corporate partners examined the issues that people are thinking and talking about, and along the way uncovered a diverse group of influencers doing something about them–using technology.” The #MakeTechHuman Agents of Change list includes 17 innovators, entrepreneurs, and activists who are expanding human possibility through technology.

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Wired.com compiled a list of the incredibly inspiring trailblazers. Check out a snapshot of the honorees below.

1. Ismail Ahmed (Founder, WorldRemit): Founder of a platform for
friends and family separated by geographical boundaries to send one
another funds.

2. Luis von Ahn (CEO/Co-founder, Duolingo): Developer of a
language-learning platform that helps students around the world
learn a foreign language for free.

3. Akon, (Co-founder, Akon Lighting Africa): Creator of an
initiative to develop a solar-powered solution for African villages
without affordable electricity.

4. Nathan Eagle (CEO, Jana): Co-founder of a company offering
mobile phone users free airtime in exchange for providing
information to businesses and organizations.

5. Mick Ebeling (CEO, Not Impossible): An advocate for using
DIY, tech-based solutions to help people around the world and
inspire others to do the same. Project Daniel was a 2013 Not
Impossible project that used 3-D printers to make prosthetic arms
for children of war in South Sudan.

6. Rikin Gandhi (CEO, Digital Green): Oversees Digital Green’s
program to help farmers share knowledge about improved agricultural
practices, livelihoods, health, and nutrition using locally produced
videos and human-mediated dissemination.

7. Catherine Hoke (CEO/Founder, Defy Ventures): Founder of a
career development program that connects business leaders and people
with criminal histories.

8. Emily Jacobi (Executive Director/Founder, Digital Democracy):
Leader of an organization aimed at empowering marginalized
communities with technology that helps them defend their rights.

9. Leila Janah (CEO/Founder, Samasource): Founder of a nonprofit
social business that provides digital work to impoverished people
around the world.

10. Ludovic Le Moan (Co-founder, Sigfox): Creator of an Internet of
Things network that provides narrowband, low-energy transmission for objects ranging from washing machines to cars.

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