27-Year-Old Co-Founds Children’s Urgent Care Center in Birmingham

27-Year-Old Co-Founds Children’s Urgent Care Center in Birmingham

She may be the youngest healthcare administrator in the country. 27-year-old Tiffany Alexander is the co-founder of Pediatrics PM—a pediatric urgent care center in Birmingham, Alabama, reports The Birmingham Times. The facility had its grand opening on March 8, according to a Facebook post by Alexander.

Also listed as the facility’s administrator on the National Provider Identifier Database, Alexander co-founded the clinic which provides after-hours pediatric care.

“I knew I wanted to leave a legacy [after retirement],” Alexander told The Birmingham Times. “In my mind, it was something that could live on forever. It wasn’t conventional health care, it was something different, something out of the box, something we could one day franchise, that could have multiple locations, and reach the entire state.

Alexander also spent several years as an administrator at the University of Alabama. During that time, she managed day-to-day operations of the facility and its associated labs. She was also responsible for the budget and grant funding. She came up with the idea for the pediatric clinic while working at the University of Alabama.

According to the website, Pediatrics PM has a chief medical officer, a medical director, and four physicians. It offers services including urgent care, flu vaccines, and x-rays and lab testing.

Alabama has received national attention for some of the health challenges throughout the state. It consistently ranks as one of the most obese states; has the second highest percentage of people with hypertension; and the third highest rate of people with diabetes.

Recently, the state saw record numbers of children infected with the flu in emergency rooms.

With such alarming statistics, it would seem that Alexander is providing a very important service to her community.

I’ve been fortunate and very blessed, so I’ve always wanted to give back,” said Alexander to The Birmingham Times. “All the things I do go back into community engagement, … go back into giving people the opportunities I’ve been given.”