Alabama Riverboat Brawlers Release Merch And Plan To Sue

Reggie Ray and Tammie Howard have released their own collection of product to honor the event through The Black Lawyers website.

Two prominent fighters in the infamous Alabama Riverboat Brawl will release merchandise in honor of the viral incident in August. The two are launching their own line of products and have plans to sue others for selling similar items using their likenesses.

Reggie Ray and Tammie Howard participated in the now notorious brawl, with Ray being charged with disorderly conduct for his action of using a folding chair to assault the inebriated white patrons involved in the melee. According to TMZ, both parties are now working with an attorney as they unveil their own collection of souvenirs.

Their lawyer told the publication that the idea to develop their own products came after noticing sellers on Etsy and Amazon taking advantage of the social media frenzy. Their original line, sold on “The Black Lawyers” website, will ensure those who want to pay tribute to the battle will source the souvenirs directly from those involved.

The “Alabama Brawl Collection” boasts an assortment of mugs, water bottles, and clothing items such as hats, sweaters, and hoodies, with prices ranging from $12.99-$59.99. The products make use of multiple taglines that went viral with the footage, including “Fade In The Water” and “Lift Every Chair And Swing,” as many phrases are labeled on the size-inclusive merch.

The collection urges patrons to “celebrate the bravery” of those who fought in the unlikely altercation. The brawl became a fixture on social media for the footage detailing the racially charged issue, as Black people across the way swam to defend a Black security officer who was being attacking by a group of white people who were docked in the Montgomery riverfront.

However, the conflict is not over yet, as two Black participants make way to sue those capitalizing off their situation.