Racquet Club Brings Inclusivity To Tennis And Pickleball, Meet The Woman Behind The Movement

Racquet Club Brings Inclusivity To Tennis And Pickleball, Meet The Woman Behind The Movement

All-Love Racquet Club is a collective community and lifestyle brand dedicated to embracing inclusivity within sports like tennis, padel, and pickleball.

Founded by Erika Bond, the club is committed to championing diversity and ensuring that every player or fan, regardless of their background, finds a welcoming and authentic space to build community and culture. To serve its mission, a pop-up series was introduced in Long Beach, CA last month with a focus on breaking down barriers and creating a more diverse and accessible environment for those who may otherwise be isolated from the world of racquet sports.

Courtesy of All-Love Racquet Club

With Bond being a former D1 tennis player and teaching pro at Rose Bowl Tennis Center in Los Angeles, she has been a driving force behind this initiative. She uses her seven-plus years of experience in public health, combined with her passion for tennis and the desire to empower all players and fans, regardless of their background, within the sport.

“The vision behind All-Love was born from my personal journey as a person of color in the world of tennis, both as a player and coach,” she told BLACK ENTERPRISE.

“In many cases, sports and community naturally intertwine, but when you engage in a sport that wasn’t originally designed with you in mind, it can be an isolating experience. Through All-Love, my aim is to transform that narrative and create a welcoming space for anyone interested in racquet sports.

The tennis world has long been marred by a lack of diversity and inclusivity. Bond, recognizing the disparity, set out to change this narrative. Looking back at her career as a D1 tennis player at an HBCU, Bond was able to naturally cultivate her skillset in sports thanks to her supportive community.

“I played tennis at Prairie View A&M University, a Historically Black College & University (HBCU). What I took most from that experience is how important culture and representation are for the success of our Black and Brown communities,” she said. “Not only did I gain teammates who have become lifelong friends and supporter, the people I met while studying Biology and pledging AKA (Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.) have also helped shape much of who I am today.”

She continued.

“When you are in an environment that looks like you, the freedom and safety to express yourself, learn, and grow are felt so strongly – and that feeling is the heart of what I am trying to create for the tennis community through All-Love.”

Through tennis activations/events and partnerships with schools and foundations, All-Love aims to provide opportunities for underrepresented youth in racquet sports. Plans to expand the initiative include a flagship core merch collection and opening a physical tennis club in Los Angeles that will serve as its headquarters before scaling in key cities around the US and internationally.

“It is my hope that the All-Love Racquet Club becomes a leading voice in the conversation about inclusivity and diversity in the tennis community,” she said.

“I want All-Love to be representative of everyone and become a platform for impact amongst diverse populations.”

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