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Allen Iverson Tells Shannon Sharpe Michael Jordan Hasn’t Forgotten The Double-Crossover

Allen Iverson said on the Club Shay Shay podcast that Micahel Jordan hasn't forgotten the double crossover Iverson gave him in 1997

Former Philadelphia 76ers and Denver Nuggets point guard Allen Iverson is part of one of the most iconic moments in NBA history, and according to him, Michael Jordan is still bitter about it.

Iverson, a guest on Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay podcast during the summer of 2021, discussed his first matchup with Jordan when he was a rookie in March 1997. 

“If I got the opportunity, I was gonna try my move against the best player that I’ve ever seen play the game, and I’ll never forget the moment, obviously. Phil Jackson said: ‘Michael on the switch!’ And he stepped out,” Iverson said of that fateful sequence. “When I tried the little one, and he bit on the little one, that’s when I said,’ Oh, he in trouble.’”

When Jordan, who played for the Chicago Bulls at the time, made the defensive switch, Iverson attempted a crossover that Jordan bit on, giving Iverson the confidence to pull off another crossover that got Jordan again, before nailing a jumper just above the free throw line.

The Georgetown alum, who currently lives in Charlotte, attended a Hornets game, met Jordan, who owned the team at the time, and discovered that the six-time NBA champion has not let go of the moment.

“I went to a Charlotte Hornets game. He had me come in. We in the back, me and him; I’m sitting back, drinking, and reminiscing. I was like, ‘Man, I love you!’ And he was like, ‘You don’t love me, you little b***h. You wouldn’t have fu**ing did me like that.’ And everybody in the room burst out laughing,” Iverson said.

The two NBA stars played in 13 NBA games against each other during their careers, with Jordan’s team winning seven times and Iverson’s team winning six. Although Jordan won more games, Iverson averaged 29.8 points per game in those matchups, while Jordan averaged 23.5.

Despite not reaching the highs Jordan saw in his illustrious career, Iverson’s accolades are still significant. In his 14-year career, Iverson was an eleven-time All-Star, seven-time All-NBA team member, four-time scoring champion, 3-time steals champion, and was voted the 1996-97 Rookie of the Year and the 2000-01 Most Valuable Player. Iverson was also named to the NBA 75th Anniversary Team.

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