Allyson Felix’s Saysh Brand Introduces First-Ever Maternity Returns Policy For Women

Allyson Felix’s Saysh Brand Introduces First-Ever Maternity Returns Policy For Women

Allyson Felix continues to lead her apparel and lifestyle brand Saysh with a women-first approach. On Tuesday, Saysh announced the first-of-its-kind returns policy catered to women.

Saysh “Maternity Returns Policy” is an “intentionally sexist returns policy” aimed at showing women they never have to choose between being a mother and living the life they desire. Considering how much women’s shoe size can change during pregnancy, Saysh’s maternity returns policy allows previous customers who have purchased a pair of Saysh Ones a complimentary pair of sneakers in their new size if their feet change when they become expectant mothers.

The innovative returns policy will operate under a no strings attached honor system. Saysh hopes the disruptive policy will make a statement for other brands to follow Saysh’s lead.

Felix was inspired to create Saysh after Nike offered the most decorated US track and field athlete in Olympics history 70% less following her pregnancy.

“A huge turning point in my life was becoming a mother — it opened my eyes to so much,” Felix said. “As a runner, I have to pay attention to every little change in my body, and I went through a lot of change during pregnancy.”

Allyson Felix Image Credit: Instagram

Felix, who welcomed her daughter Camryn in 2018, explained her pregnancy’s toll on her body and how it impacted her endorsement deals.

“I didn’t even realize that my feet could grow that much. I was tired of begging brands to meet me where I was, as both an athlete and a mother, and I was tired of sacrificing comfort and style,” she said.

“So I decided to make my own rules. At Saysh, we hope this policy sets an expectation that women should never have to sacrifice being a mother for anything.”

Now all Saysh customers have to do is send the company an email, and Saysh or a wholesale partner will send them a new pair of sneakers free of charge. Saysh advisor Tiffany Beers and Head of Product Lauren Phillips created the maternity returns policy.

The maternity returns policy is a product-focused initiative that coincides with Saysh’s groundbreaking four-month parental leave policy that offers employees four months of full pay followed by a two-month transition period at part-time status after welcoming a child.

It’s all a part of Felix’s continued advocacy for women and maternal rights.