American Express, Glenda, chief partner

American Express Leader Named New Chief Partner Officer After 35 Years With Company

American Express announced the creation of a new chief partner officer role, appointing Glenda McNeal as the first to hold this position.

American Express recently announced the creation of a new chief partner officer role, appointing Glenda McNeal as the first to hold the position.

McNeal will be responsible for the company’s global sponsorships in travel, retail, technology and media, according to a press release by American Express.

Her appointment move signals American Express’ focus on growing its partner portfolio through planning, managing relationships, and driving partner innovation — all aimed at delivering value for the company’s card members.

American Express’ leadership commented on McNeal’s prior work in developing relationships. Stephen J. Squeri, chairman and CEO of the bank holding company, said, “Glenda has an exceptionally strong track record of spearheading critical partner agreements and navigating the complexity of large, global relationships to benefit both the company and our partners, and she will continue to do so in this expanded role.”

McNeal made a statement about the impact of partnerships on American Express’ expansion:

“Partnerships have proven to be critically important to the growth of our company, bringing additional value to the products and experiences that continue to engage our customers and drive the generational relevance of American Express Membership.”

The newly appointed chief partner officer added, “I look forward to continuing to work with the Amex team and an expanded group of partners to innovate as we move forward,” according to the press release.

With over three decades at American Express under her belt, McNeal has honed her ability to unite teams in developing mutually beneficial solutions with leading global brands. Her leadership spans the company’s core businesses, including client management, business development, product strategy, and, most recently, as president of strategic partnerships. The alumna of Dillard University and The Wharton School is an American Express Executive Committee member and is named a company officer.