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Don’t Call Her ‘Bayou Barbie,’ Angel Reese Has Chosen A New Chicago Sky Nickname

The new WNBA player says her new moniker is Chi Barbie.

Angel Reese has moved on from her nickname of “Bayou Barbie.” The former Louisiana State University star and new WNBA team Chicago Sky member posted on X on April 17 that she’s looking for a new moniker. 

Now that she’s left LSU, she will be playing in Chicago and not Baton Rouge. 

Reese wrote on the social media site, “I need a new name now that I’m in Chicago lol something cute that is catchy like Bayou Barbie.” 


After hearing a few suggestions, she revealed that she would go by Chi Barbie now but wouldn’t completely drop Bayou Barbie. 

“Hey y’all, so it’s the Chi Barbie here,” she said in a TikTok on Thursday. “I want y’all to know like I’m still gonna be the Bayou Barbie but like I’m going to Chicago now. They [are] already been inheriting me into Chicago. Like so many people reached out to me — the love from Chicago is running deep and going crazy. So I am the Chi Barbie. I’m the Baltimore Barbie and I am always gonna be the Bayou Barbie,” She told her audience.

Reese was recently picked No. 7 overall by the Chicago Sky at the 2024 WNBA Draft. She’ll play her first game on May 15 against Dallas and expressed her excitement to hit the ground running in Chicago. 

She said in her TikTok, “So I get to Chicago soon, but I need all the hairstylists, all the nail techs, the lash techs, the waxes, the facials, the aestheticians — I need all of that. So I need all of y’all to comment the best places, the best girlies, anybody that’s doing it, ’cause I need consistency.”

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