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Maryland’s Angela Alsobrooks Takes Democratic Nomination For Open U.S. Senate Seat

Alsobrooks' win puts her one step closer to becoming the state’s first Black senator.

Prince George’s County Executive Angela Alsobrooks was elected the Democratic Party’s nominee for the U.S. Senate. 

In a historic primary election on May 14, Alsobrooks beat out several opponents, including Rep. David Trone, in a crucial attempt to maintain control of the Senate in fall 2024. Trone conceded the victory and encouraged his supporters to move forward with Alsobrooks and reelect President Joe Biden. “We cannot let the party of Trump take our Senate,” he said. “We can’t let them take our country.”

The 52-year-old Maryland legislator will take on former Gov. Larry Hogan, a lawmaker known as critical of Donald Trump, who won the Republican nomination. Alsobrooks’ win puts her one step closer to becoming the state’s first Black senator and taking a seat in a chamber where only three Black women have served. “Stories like mine don’t generally make it to the United States Senate,” Alsobrooks said to her supporters after winning, according to Politico

After announcing in 2023 that he would not pursue a fourth term in office, outgoing Sen. Ben Cardin created a rush within the Democratic Party to find his replacement. Among the front-runners were Alsobrooks and Trone, swiftly emerging as party favorites and anticipated shoe-ins for the vacant seat. However, expectations took a turn when Hogan entered the primary race on the final day to file. The 67-year-old former governor consulted with Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell and former President George W. Bush before making his decision, surprising many and shifting the dynamics of the race.

The GOP has struggled with securing a Senate seat in Maryland, but Hogan’s campaign could affect Democrats’ attempt to maintain control of the Senate. However, both sides acknowledged the importance of the race and know they have some challenges ahead. “The fight ahead will not be easy,” Alsobrooks said. 

“Maryland has been a blue state, but it will only stay a blue state if we put in the work. Because Larry Hogan, his BFF Mitch McConnell, and Donald Trump’s Republican Party want to flip this seat.”

Alsobrooks is no stranger to politics. While currently serving her second term as county executive, she previously served as state’s attorney in PG County — the second-largest county by population in the state. She has secured support from most of the state’s Democratic cabinet, including Gov. Wes Moore. Moore was present during Alsobrooks’ victory party and made remarks about her historic feat.

“Making history is not the assignment,” Moore said. “Making history is not what is asked. Meeting the moment is what’s asked.”

The most recent polls from Public Policy Polling (PPP) and Emerson College in May 2024 show Hogan trailing behind Alsobrooks. PPP shows her winning 46% to 37% with 17% undecided, and the Emerson College poll has Alsobrooks up 48% to 38% with 14% undecided.

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