Angela Basset, Beyoncé, Michael B. Jordan, and Brittney Griner Among Time Most Influential People of 2023

Angela Bassett is receiving more flowers as one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People of 2023.

Tina Turner scored the excerpt for Bassett’s placement on the list and recalled how impressed she was by the budding film star when they met ahead of shooting her 1993 biopic What’s Love Got to Do With It.

“Angela, the first time we met, you didn’t look, sound, or move like me—that came later after you worked so hard to make it happen,” Turner wrote. “But even then, I could see that the young woman standing before me had strength, determination, and big, big dreams, just like me.”

Recounting how “perfect” Bassett was for the role, she praised the acting veteran for turning the role into her own rather than trying to replicate the music icon.

“She’s perfect,” I said, and I was right. You never mimicked me,” Turner shared.

“Instead, you reached deep into your soul, found your inner Tina, and showed her to the world.”

Others who made Time’s coveted list include Houston natives Beyoncé and Brittney Griner. It’s not Queen Bey’s first time on the list, as she topped the Time 100 in 2014.

DJ, producer, and electronic musician Honey Dijon penned Beyonce’s excerpt that took readers back to Bey’s performance of “Crazy In Love” at the 2003 BET Awards.

“Her performance embodied the legacy and culture of Black artists from Josephine Baker to Tina Turner, James Brown, and Prince,” Dijon wrote. “The way she commanded the stage and led her band was transcendent. That performance secured her place in the pantheon as one of the greatest Black female artists of our time.”

WNBA alum Sue Bird wrote the except for Griner and spoke of her “resilience” on and off the court.

“BG spent nearly 10 months in Russian prison, wrongfully detained, but never lost hope or her sense of humor,” Bird said.

“She was BG, through and through, throughout her horrible ordeal.”

“Black Panther” director Ryan Coogler penned Michael B. Jordan’s piece and applauded the actor’s successful directorial debut in Creed III.

“With this year’s Creed III, he took on a new role—feature-film director—and handled it with aplomb,” Coogler wrote. “I knew he would. Because directing is a working person’s game.”

The Time 100 celebrates 100 individuals each year for their meaningful contributions to art, innovation, leadership, and more. Those listed have a celebratory blurb written by a big-name contributor, which adds to the coveted slot.

The list highlights notable authors, comedians, sports stars, and other influential figures. Others on the 2023 list include Doja Cat, Rowvaughn Wells, Steve Lacy, and Hakeem Jeffries, among many more.