Angela Cannon Is Named Up Entertainment’s New Senior Vice President Of Multicutural Networks And Strategy

Angela Cannon Is Named Up Entertainment’s New Senior Vice President Of Multicutural Networks And Strategy

AspireTV, the network celebrating and reflecting the Black culture and urban lifestyle, announced Angela Cannon as UP Entertainment’s new Senior Vice President of Multicultural Networks and Strategy.

Cannon was one of the original launch members for aspireTV in 2012 and has been with Up Entertainment for 10 years. She will be responsible for driving the growth and success of aspireTV, aspireTV Life, Cine Romántico and other multicultural brands from UP Entertainment while providing guidance and developing strategies to continue Up Entertainment’s winning work environment for the company’s diverse employee base.

Cannon, who moved into the role after serving as UP Entertainment’s VP/Channel Manager of UP Faith & Family, told BLACK ENTERPRISE she couldn’t be more excited about the new role and the challenges it brings.

“I decided to leave the west coast, I never imagined my path would have led me to an 18-year stint in Atlanta,” Cannon told BLACK ENTERPRISE.

“To say I’m excited is an understatement, as I know God’s hand is continuously on me in all my endeavors and it’s my full intention to always bring him glory in all that I think, say, and ultimately accomplish.”

Cannon will oversee the day-to-day management and oversight of aspireTV and aspireTV Life, the first free ad-supported television (FAST) movies channel dedicated entirely to romance movies.

Cannon added that she’s moving into her new position during an exciting time as aspireTV has a slate of new originals set for production in the coming months as well as several new partnerships and strategic alliances that will elevate all of Up Entertainment’s platforms.

The new senior vice president credited her peers at Up Entertainment saying their attitudes and values are the reason she’s stayed with the company.

“The people, the culture and the fact that we were uplifting others every day. Our core purpose is to Uplift someone and it’s truly reflected across our brands, our programming and our workforce,” Cannon said. “I’ve also been very blessed to have ascended steadily in my career.

“I’ve been blessed to be supported by a talented community of leaders throughout my career. It’s my priority to be open to learn and remain a student of this industry while pushing my team to continue to do the same. Through that mindset, I now possess a thorough understanding of digital marketing, product strategy, programming, content distribution and employee development that will enable me to lead UP Entertainment into the future.”

Cannon has seen firsthand the growth of Up Entertainment and asipreTV over the past decade and is just as excited about her new position as she is about the next decade of growth for the networks and Up Entertainment.

“Today, we are the leading Black culture and urban lifestyle brand and our five lifestyle pillars are EAT well, LIVE your life, SHOP with purpose, PLAY hard, and DREAM big,” Cannon told BLACK ENTERPRISE.

“We share with our audiences a full body of experiences into the world of culinary, home design/decor, shopping through the aspire marketplace, movies, HBCU sports, comedy series, talk and inspirational content. This is just a sample of the ways in which we connect our content with culture and community.”