Angela Simmons Reveals 6-Year-Old Son as CEO of Little Giants | Giant Shorties

The youth are our future, and reality TV star Angela Simmons is a staunch believer in that as she announces her 6-year-old  son as a CEO. In a recent Instagram post, the daughter of hip-hop royalty, Rev. Run (of Run-D.M.C.), posted a video clip of her son, Sutton Joseph Tennyson Jr., signing a contract to become a CEO of a clothing company his deceased father, Sutton Tennyson was involved with before he died. “My baby is a young CEO. His father was sure to leave him behind something he can grow with. My son loves making money (hustling). It’s in his blood. It’s time to finally give him what’s his! Your son gets the torch now. Though you are not here with us your legacy lives on ❤️ Go time baby boy 🚀 @wearelittlegiants

The video clip shows the young boy signing the contract. She asks her son, Sutton, “How does it feel that your dad left you behind this legacy of a company?” His response was, “It feels super great!” According to Atlanta Black Star, the man Sutton is named after was shot and killed outside his Atlanta home in 2018. TAbrick-and-mortar store, Little Giants | Giant Shorties, is in Los Angeles. There are also locations in Brooklyn, New York. The website states that the clothing company, “Little Giants Giant Shorties (L.G.G.S.) Makes Quality, Modern Day Goods For Your Children Inspired By Youth Cultures Of The Past And Present.”

Simmons, and her hip-hop mogul boyfriend, Yo Gotti, announced their blossoming romance when they presented pictures of an official photoshoot they did on New Year’s Eve. After the big announcement, Simmons took to her Instagram Story to say she was “happier than I’ve ever been.” “You are all I need and more ❤️”