Wilglory Tanjong, Beyoncé

Wilglory Tanjong Releases ‘Beyoncé-Approved’ Anima Iris Handbag

The designer has made the Cowboy Carter ZAZA handbag available for purchase after Beyoncé was seen carrying it at Coachella.

Wilglory Tanjong’s luxury handbag brand Anima Iris has again received Beyoncé’s approval.

The Grammy Award-winning superstar flaunted one of Tanjong’s creations in several Instagram photos, posing confidently at Coachella with the accessory that complemented her casual yet stylish outfit.

The designer, who crafted the bag specifically for Beyoncé, excitedly announced the sighting on Anima Iris’ Instagram, stating, “ANIMA IRIS IS BEYONCÉ APPROVED… AGAIN !!”

The words accompanied reposts of Beyoncé as she held tight to Tanjong’s accessory, which tied together an outfit of a Willie Nelson T-shirt, denim shorts, and American flag-printed platform boots and jacket.

On May 8, Tanjong delighted fans by revealing they could own the same bag. “I know y’all will ask, so YES, I’m releasing the bag we made just for Bey, and I’m naming it the Cowboy Carter ZAZA,” she wrote.

Tanjong’s handbag collection launch in 2020 captured the attention of thousands of social media users and fashionistas. As the designer pursued her MBA in 2022, having already grossed over $700,000 within two years of her February 2020 debut, BLACK ENTERPRISE noted she was generating over $100,000 monthly, with earnings projected to exceed $5 million by 2023.

Tanjong previously explained her motivation to CNBC, “I realized that there was a significant gap in the market…Women of color, and specifically Black women, have always been excluded from the luxury narrative. Building a brand that centers these women while also bringing forth African culture into the global landscape was like a bingo moment for me.”

She added, “For so long, Black people have really defined the culture in America, but I’ve never actually gotten to reap the benefits of it…It’s so wonderful to see so many Black creators finally being able to actually build their businesses and grow their businesses and for people to have other options outside of the options we’ve typically had that actually have excluded us.”

Tanjong’s Beyoncé-approved handbag is available online for $450. The mini fold-over purse is made of 100% leather and includes an interior pocket and crossbody strap.