As Cities’ Eateries Close, This Black-Owned Delivery Service Is Thriving

Being in quarantine doesn’t mean you can’t have access to your favorite foods. As more and more cities’ eateries shut down due to the global COVID-19, pandemic, many people are relying delivery on apps and services for their food. One black-owned delivery service and app is taking advantage of the high demand and connecting with black-owned restaurants to reach their customers.

Launched in February 2019, Black and Mobile was created in order to deliver food and connecting users directly with black-owned restaurants in their area. The startup business and delivery app service got its buzz from its hometown of Philadelphia and has now opened its services in Detroit. The company got its big shout-out through popular Philly restaurant Country Cookin’ on Instagram, which caused a new set of followers to discover the service. For many small restaurants, services like UberEats and Postmates have high commissions and marketing budgets or don’t cater to them. Services like Black and Mobile help local restaurants without access to those apps cater to this customer base.

When the coronavirus outbreak, Black and Mobile saw a huge boost in sales from clients who wanted food from their favorite local restaurants. With the recent surge in deliveries, apps like these are filling in to fulfill that demand and helping local restaurants stay afloat during this public health crisis. That surge in demand has allowed the company to expand its online directory and move into Detroit.

As of right now, the company has 26 restaurants registered in the Philadelphia area on its website with another 14 establishments in Detroit. Restaurants in both cities can sign up on Black and Mobiie’s website to be included in the directory. You can also download the Black and Mobile app or place orders on the company’s website.