As COVID-19 Slows Travel, Hotels Create New Initiatives To Attract Local Remote Workers

As COVID-19 Slows Travel, Hotels Create New Initiatives To Attract Local Remote Workers

In order to maintain their businesses amid COVID-19, hotels have had to change their approach towards getting consumers to feel comfortable staying on their properties. While many have introduced remote work packages, overall travel has been down since March. To keep their doors open, large hotel corporations have begun to create new initiatives aimed at locals working from home.

The Hilton unveiled the WorkSpaces program back in October to experiment with the idea of offering rooms to use for the day to remote workers who need to get out of their apartments. Guests will be able to pay a day rate to turn their guest room into a remote office for the day at select properties within the U.S. and U.K.

“COVID-19 has created unprecedented challenges never before encountered by the hospitality industry,” said Arielle Deane, Director of Brand Innovation & Planning, Hilton, to BLACK ENTERPRISE via email. “Hilton is resilient, and we are always testing new initiatives and programs to determine what works best for our guests and owners.”

For properties like the Conrad New York Downtown, guests can pay $300 and up to use a room for the day complete with free WiFi with a 4 p.m. cocktail delivered to your room in addition to room service for breakfast and lunch.

“Our recent WorkSpaces by Hilton guests have been looking for a quiet and safe environment to conduct conference calls while visiting the downtown area,” said Marlene Poynder, general manager, Conrad New York Downtown, to BLACK ENTERPRISE in an email. “Guests say that in our hotel, they have been able to focus and feel present during meetings, without the distractions of home.”

Marriott is also following the trend of attracting local residents to work at the properties by extending their Bonvoy program. Their day pass option offers flexible options for those who may want to extend their stay while they are working. “For our hotels, an offering like Day Pass adds to their mix of clientele which traditionally has been overnight business and leisure travelers and group business,” a Marriott spokesperson wrote to BLACK ENTERPRISE about the new program.

With companies looking to use more remote work and even transition to stay remote completely, many hotels will be utilizing this type of service for the foreseeable future.