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Man Convicted Of Sex Crimes After Confessing On Police Job Application And Interview 

The former potential police officer mentioned 'playing sexual games' with a minor on his application. 

An aspiring police officer is heading to jail after making a grave confession to sex crimes on his job application. 

Stephen Bodley, 26, was convicted of sexual battery on a child on May 8 by an Orange County, Florida, jury. The former potential police officer mentioned “playing sexual games” with a victim on his application. 

Then, during the interview with a detective, Bodley said the victim “probably didn’t know what was going on,” admitting the crime occurred several times at his childhood home in Apopka. “I can’t remember but um, but what do you call it, yes, um, I used to um, play these little sexual games, like oral with my little [redacted], and I known she, she didn’t know fully what was going on, and I used to watch porn a lot, so I had like a little addiction when I was younger,” Bodley said. 

Police tracked down the victim’s mother, who said Bodley and the victim had a close relationship. The victim then told police and the Florida Department of Children and Families about the abuse, stating it took place when Bodley was 14 to the age of 19. The victim’s age was not included in court records, but investigators stated the abuse began when she was a minor. 

Bodley was then arrested at the Apopka Police Department after detectives called him in and continued with his confession before being taken to jail. “The certified voice stress analysis examiner performed a voice stress examination on Bodley,” State Attorney Andrew Bain said, according to Fox News

“During the examination, the examiner asked Bodley to expand on concerning answers he provided in a pre-test questionnaire.”

Before the trial, the defendant’s lawyer filed a motion to have the triggering comments made during the job interview and the ones following eliminated. However, Circuit Judge Robert Egan ruled against the request to have Bodley’s post-arrest remarks dismissed. He did agree to remove the comments made during the interview. 

Things took a turn during the trial when Bodley denied sexually abusing the victim despite his confessions, but a jury still found him guilty of sexually battering a child under 12. Bodley now faces life in prison.

Bodley’s sentencing hearing is set to take place June 24.

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