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Trey Songz Questioned Over ‘Inappropriate’ Meet & Greets With Fans Amid Sexual Assault Cases

Trey Songz was criticized on social media for inappropriately touching fans during his meet and greets on tour.

Trey Songz is being questioned about his behavior with fans while he still has sexual assault cases pending. The R&B singer is currently on his Love Hard tour.

The Shade Room posted photos Songz took with fans during his stop in Baltimore on March 8, and social media users sparked a new inquiry into how Songz interacts with the fans during the meet and greet portion of his concerts.

The tabloid described the pictures as “up close and personal,” with Songz appearing to hold several women in suggestive ways. Some photos even have Songz picking up a fan, while another fan poses while “backing up” on the 39-year-old.

Commenters were quick to note that considering the mounting allegations against the father of one, he should be more careful about how he engages with the women in his fan base.

“Now he know with all them lawsuits, he should NOT be posin[g] with people like this,” expressed a commenter.

Others made jokes about the matter.

“Hope no one paid for this. He’ll touch you inappropriately for free,” said one user.

“Oh look, it’s consensual this time,” mocked another.

Songz has had so many accusations of sexual assault and harassment in recent years, with The Cut publishing an article in October 2023 detailing all that had surfaced thus far. More recently, two women filed a lawsuit against the controversial R&B heartthrob, alleging that they woke up at Songz’s house to non-consensual sex acts being performed on them.

Dating back to 2012, the “Bottoms Up” singer has been accused of striking a woman while at a strip club, raping multiple women, and digitally penetrating another person within the last decade. Actress and singer Keke Palmer also claims that Songz sexually intimidated her to appear in his music video in 2017.

Songz has denied the claims, but Donna McIntosh-Inoe, one of his accusers, says time is running out for the entertainer. She alleges that Songz left her with a black eye in 2012.

“It’s the same with him, story after story,” said McIntosh-Inoe during an interview with the Daily Beast in 2021. “The women get knocked down — he’s not being held accountable at all.”

Despite the controversies, Songz is continuing on his tour, with no word yet on if he will cool out on the excessive touching with fans.

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