Atlanta Named Second-Hottest Rental Market In U.S.

Atlanta Named Second-Hottest Rental Market In U.S.

Atlanta lands at #2 in a ranking of the most in-demand cities for housing rentals.

Atlanta is a growing hub for apartment rentals across the United States. Georgia’s capital has landed at #2 for the hottest rental market in a new ranking by a popular housing search platform.

The city took second place out of 150 city contenders for November, up three spots since its last ranking. The cities are considered to hold the largest populations in the country, as users placed Atlanta as one of the top “most desired” locations for renting. The city of almost half a million residents made the top of the list in April.

“Atlanta has ranked among the top 10 cities ever since [April] as renters have been intensely searching for apartments here all through the year,” a spokesperson told Urbanize Atlanta.

According to RentCafe’s analysts, the Southern hot spot is in high demand due to its small increase in available apartments, a factor given the most consideration when completing the rankings. Its reasoning for the demand includes the city’s rise as the “most dynamic” tech hub in the South and notes that the city has maintained itself as a fast-growing apartment rental area even in the midst of steady living development growth.

Not only is the search for prime rentals occurring in-state, but residents from urban places such as New York City and Chicago were also searching to make the move to the Peach State.

Atlanta was also the highest-ranked city in the Southern region. In addition to making the top 10, the city was one of two from that area to reach the status. Orlando claimed the eighth spot, with Minneapolis currently at #1 for its rental demand. (Kansas City, MO, and Queens, NY, also made the list.) However, Atlanta remains a consistent place of priority renting for apartment hunters across America, with new developments already on the horizon to keep up with the peak demand.

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