Atlanta Public Schools Name Timya Robinson First Black Female Police Captain

Though many Black women find long-lasting careers in law enforcement, they often go overlooked when it comes time to be promoted to leadership positions. Timya Robinson Is changing this.

Atlanta Public Schools police have decided to be one of the first to right that wrong. Last month, the APS  police department promoted Timya Robinson to captain in a historic move for the city. After starting her career as a local police officer, Robinson decided she could have more of an impact on Atlanta’s youth if she could influence their decisions and course correction while they were still in the education system, according to WSB-TV. “It was very rewarding to come over to the school police and work with the children and be able to have those sit-down conversations such as, “What do you plan on doing with your life?” You know you can make a difference. You can make a change now. Every day is a day for a change,” Robinson explained.

The first time she made history was when she was promoted to sergeant, which she says would have been enough for her.

“If you’re gonna be in charge, be in charge, ya know?” Make sure that you are doing your best and being your best self and being the best example for those looking upon you,” Robinson said. The Atlanta native and mother of two has the support of her coworkers, who say she is more than capable and truly deserving of this momentous milestone. “Leadership doesn’t have a gender. Leadership is about character, and Capt. Robinson has that character, and so it’s not hard to follow her,” Sgt. Daniel Lomax, who has worked alongside Robinson, said.

Representation matters, and having someone like Robinson in this position in the city’s public schools is a decision that could have lasting positive effects. Carissa Jones, founder of the nonprofit organization Every Girl Shines, believes even the sight of the newly minted captain will inspire the youth she’s been chosen to serve. “Just seeing her in that position lets other young girls know that they can pursue a career in that area as well,” Jones said.

Congratulations to Captain Robinson!