Trailblazing Morehouse Alum Appointed Youngest Public Schools Principal in Atlanta

A 2014 graduate of Morehouse College has been named the youngest principal in Atlanta Public Schools history, having graduated from the system himself 12 years ago. 

Willis A. Sutton Middle School’s newest principal, Dr. Dominique Merriweather, not only is the youngest at 30 years old, but the first Black leader of the Buckhead middle school, reports FOX 5 Atlanta

The school district announced their pick on July 29 after being impressed with his resume as a special education teacher for nine years following his education.

Despite him setting his sights on becoming a corporate attorney, he says the inner city kids he mentored during his time in special education are ultimately what changed his life.

“One day, I went to go read to elementary school kids in the Atlanta University Center area and I fell in love with the students,” Dr. Merriweather said.

According to the staff at the school, they thrive off the young principal’s energy and his receptiveness to their advice. 

“When you put your head in it, and never stop learning, and always are open to feedback and being better, the opportunities are there,” he explained.

Students at the school seem pleased with their newest leader, some referring to him as “nice and fair,” and “always there for you,” per the outlet.

The Fulton County native is ecstatic to be there, hoping to make a positive difference in the 1,500 students’ lives by valuing and listening to what they have to say.

In his welcome letter to the Sutton community, Dr. Merriweather expressed the importance of education, and his commitment to continue with the legacy of the school.

“With education serving as an instrument to change the world, it is my goal to deliver the promise of that change directly into the hands and minds of the Willis A. Sutton Middle School student body,” he wrote.


If there’s something he’s learned throughout his successful career is that no dream is unattainable at any age; if one is determined, anything is possible.

“Age does not equate to ability or capacity. If you are driven and open to learning and if you truly want to be the best at what you are doing, it can happen,” the 30-year-old principal shared.