Author Who Was Sexually Abused at 12 and Attempted Suicide at 13 is Now Inspiring Young Black Women

Author Who Was Sexually Abused at 12 and Attempted Suicide at 13 is Now Inspiring Young Black Women

Femeca Grant, an author and family counselor who has successfully overcome her own traumas that she experienced as a young person, has released two new self-help books, Her Story and Your Story: Inspirational Self-Compassion Journal, to inspire more African American women to tell their stories.

Available both as ebooks and in paperback, the books help women to connect to their own personal story through journaling tactics.

Femeca says that she created the books as thought-provoking journaling tools for those looking to self-assess. She guides the reader’s thoughtfulness in this uniquely packaged literary experience. The author’s mission is to spark an awareness of the user’s ambitions, future aspirations, life goals, and desired core values.

Her Story is a tapestry of stories written from the perspective of teen girls, young women, and mature women. Femeca makes you a voyeur into the lives of the characters that are on their own journey. All characters share experiences of being deeply wounded, stigmatized, or profoundly impacted. More than just a narrative tale, Her Story is to provoke change for readers ready for personal growth. The narrative allows women to see situations from a third-person perspective. The tactic of mirroring difficult situations enables the reader to think deeper about their personal experiences. Women who share experiences with the characters will view the end-of-chapter messages and prompts as a guide. This journal journey is to assist in creating healthier habits and thoughts.

Alternatively, Your Story contains journal prompts that were created to help the reader reflect on how their own personal experiences are also narratives that lend clarity and insight into their life journey. The self-compassion journal serves as a road map, allowing users to follow through on goals. Femeca states, “This journal [Your Story] will help young ladies and women work through reconnecting with themselves as a way to deepen insight, and increase self-compassion.” Specifically designed to help you become empowered in a way that enables you to reframe your life narrative, reshape, and transform your way of thinking through applying self-compassion tips and implementing small daily habits. Grant wants to give women the control they desire in their life.

As a Board Certified Life Coach, Master’s Degree holder in Family Counseling, and Narcissism Expert, Femeca utilizes her expertise to bring new tactics to the self-help genre. Through the power of literary mediums, Femeca Grant endeavors to empower women of all ages to realize their true value and worth. Her passion to teach others how to process and heal from an unresolved trauma is made clear in her works. Motifs of overcoming childhood wounding can be seen in Her Story.

Both books are available on Amazon for purchase.

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