Shani Curry St.Vil

Shani Curry St.Vil

Every time I come in contact with someone I want to remind them of just how Power-full they truly are. Literal, #Purse Empowerment!

I do this by empowering mostly women (some men) tackle their financial frustrations rather its saving their 1st $10,000, eliminating thousands of dollars in credit card debt, accelerating the process of paying off their student loan debt, boosting their credit scores, purchasing their first homes, converting their 1st homes into investments and even creating a business that will produce even more wealth for them to save, spend, share and invest.

I am really good at this because I was a Journalism major (Yes, I went to school to be a news reporter) turned Banker, turned Car Saleswoman ( I sold Luxury cars for a year), turned Insurance Agent ( I am Licensed to sale Life, Health& Variable Annuities ( 7 years) and I purchased my 1st investment property at the age of 22 and then lost my job!

I share all of this with you because when you join the Purse Empowerment community you gain access to my inner News Reporter that is super charismatic, and super noisy about all things financial. There is nothing like a news reporter who enjoys picking apart everything about everything to make sure that you are getting the most accurate information when it comes to Personal Finance. I mentioned my licenses and the products that I have sold because when you sale a product you are forced to learn the Pros & Cons of it to keep your licensed, remain in compliance and to be on par or above your competitors!

I learned to boost my own Credit Score, because when I purchased my 1st property I had to wait 2 years before I could actually purchase My credit score was so low, you could have mistaken if for my weight. I improved it within 2 years from a 520 to a 650!

I learned to purchase property because the 1st property that I ever purchased was negotiated by me; I was able to convince the seller to throw in all sorts of bells and whistles when it came to property improvements and renovations along with down payment assistance.

I know what a lender is looking for when it comes to issuing Car Loans, Business Loans, and unsecured loans because for 3 years I was a banker and it was my job to approve and/ or and decline loans.

I know how to save money because while partnering with my husband we decided to rent out my 1st property, move in with my in-laws, skip out on a $20,000 wedding and have since become property owners 3 times over all before the age of 35!

Oh, and when it comes to purchasing a Car, I know how women are often duped by car salesman when it comes to purchasing a car because I was once colleagues with some of the smoothest talking car salesman you ever want to buy a car from.

So, when it comes to redefining yourself as a girl who lost her 1st real job after purchasing her 1st property, being a wife of 6 years, the mother of two tots ages 3 and 5 (might I add boys), publishing her 1st book 10 Things Every Woman Should Keep In Her Purse while pregnant, launching a successful web series ( Purse Empowerment WebTV) with over 25,000 monthly viewers, and building a thriving business of 5 years where I partner with individuals, large organizations, and corporate sponsors to ensure that no woman defines herself by the status symbol of her Purse but by the wealth & wisdom contained inside of it! #PurseEmpowerment!

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