Awakening the Genius Inside of You

In addition to being an entrepreneur and author, Asa Leveaux is the founder of Genius Academy™, which was created to serve aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs who value having a transformational experience while having access to and absorbing foundational business principles. He specializes in speaking, entrepreneur coaching and small business development.

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YOUR Passion, is YOUR Problem
A lot of entrepreneurs are stifled with not getting the support they feel they deserve or need from friends and family which can lead to feelings of loneliness on the journey to greatness. But YOUR passion is YOUR problem. Focus more on the individuals whose support reaches out and surrounds you instead of the people who don’t. Everyone may not contribute or participate in your success. Spend time embracing the supporting cast of your passion not wasting time worrying about anyone who didn’t make the cut. You answered the call on your life, now do something with it!

Focus on a target audience
Do not become preoccupied with what others have said about you or what others perceive you as. You need to be about the business of getting your service to a target audience so the people who are praying for you can patronize you. Someone in the community needs your service and suffers when you focus on the unimportant things. Someone is praying for YOU! Not praying for your success, but praying for a solution to their problem which is where your business takes center stage, offering the solution. Focus on repeat customers: the ones you know and the ones you can trust. Turn negative chatter into positive affirmation statements. Stay focused on serving your specific target clients and remember –if your focus is to everyone, it becomes relevant to no one.

Ensure your customers know you exist and practice gratitude marketing
A lot of times entrepreneurs are yelling ‘I’m here! Pick me! Pick me!’ yet no one is listening because they have not positioned themselves well. Take time to build your business. Compile a list of people who are totally excited about what you do in the world and need your services. Then make sure to cultivate, nurture, and build that list. Show your gratitude when marketing by thanking your customers quickly AND frequently! Provide helpful information to them. Send personalized “thank you” emails. Look for creative ways to say “Thank you, I appreciate your business and come back soon!”

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