Awards Season: 10 Fun Remote Jobs in Film and TV

Awards Season: 10 Fun Remote Jobs in Film and TV

This year’s Hollywood awards season has just begun and all the who’s who in entertainment are gearing up. In recent years, there’s been lots of talk around the issue of diversity in entertainment, and when it’s time for nominations and wins, activists, critics, and fans alike keep a close eye on progress and leveling the playing field. ? True, there are challenges: According to a recent UCLA report on Hollywood diversity, only 13.6 percent of lead actors in theatrical films were minorities and 10.1 percent were directors. Women landed just 29 percent of lead acting roles in theatrical films last year, and they made up just 7.7 percent of the directors of the top 200 films.

But what better way to add your footprint to the diversity issue and really make a difference than going for a behind-the-scenes gig in the industry or creating your own opportunities as an industry leader in film? Here are 10 fun film industry jobs, courtesy of FlexJobs, with a bonus: They can be done outside an office and from anywhere in the world.

Script Writer: You’d be the person behind composing, editing, and reviewing video scripts for various types of projects to be used by clients. It’s ideal to have a few years of content and script-writing experience, along with strong organizational skills, and you can do the job from the comfort of your own home.

Video Producer: Typical duties include creating custom videos, writing scripts, and gathering assets to be used in projects. Skills needed: Proficiency with a Mac or Windows PC or laptop, and experience using Adobe programs.

Animator and GFX Artist: If you’re savvy with cool graphics and tweaking motion graphics, this is a great job for you. You must have experience in multimedia design, motion graphics, video editing, and animation experience.

Film Reviewer/Journalist: If you have a knack for communications and a unique and informed perspective, this is a great gig for you. Your primary tasks would include writing new movie announcements or giving your take on TV trailers and films.

Footage Reviewer: In this role, you’d evaluate film clips to ensure that they are within film industry standards, look for hints of fraud, and provide feedback to a client.

Account Executive: This is a consulting role where you’d serve as an adviser for local businesses in areas of radio, print, media, or cable advertising sales. You might also get to travel to fulfill client needs.

Pop Culture News Writer: Strong writing skills and familiarity with industry trends are ideal for this gig, where you’d research, come up with awesome ideas, write stories on trending news in entertainment.

Video Editor/Motion Graphic Designer: You can develop videos, make edits, and design graphics and must have Adobe CS proficiency, schedule flexibility, and a stellar talent for storytelling.

Voice Over Artist: For this gig, you’d have to have access to a studio, a portfolio of work, and be great with deadlines. The projects and their nature could vary, which adds to the fun of this job.

Culture Writer: Typical duties of this job include researching and covering TV shows, pitching ideas on content and working with editors in publishing in improving content and existing coverage by adding your unique voice and reporting expertise.