Ayesha Curry

Ayesha Curry Looks To Her Jamaican Roots For Ingredients For New Products In Her Skincare Line

Ayesha Curry, the founder and CEO of lifestyle brand Sweet July, added skincare products to her wheelhouse in July and has already expanded the new branch.

Curry, born in Canada and of Jamaican heritage, recently went to Instagram to announce the newest addition to her Sweet July Skin line, Soursop vitamin C serum. 

Soursop is a fruit found in tropical regions of the Americas and Caribbean countries, such as Jamaica.

“It’s finally here. Beyond excited to announce our @Sweetjulyskin Soursop Vitamin C Serum,” she posted. “This is a gentle Vitamin C serum infused with soursop extract, ferulic acid, and green tea to visibly brighten, firm, and hydrate to reveal your most radiant-looking skin. “

The Vitamin C serum retails at $65. Other products in this vegan skincare line include the Pava Exfoliating Cleanser ($39), The Pava Toner ($32), and Irie face oil ($60).   

The company also offers skincare accessories, including face towels, headbands, and reusable face rounds ranging from $22 to $38. 

The entrepreneur told Vogue that her mother and grandmother inspired her to create these products b

“Throughout my life, I’ve learned a lot about skincare and the natural benefits derived from superfoods like papaya and guava from my mother and grandmother. In pairing those ingredients with proven actives, we’ve developed a skincare experience that is great for your skin but also truly enjoyable. I’m excited to share a little bit of my Jamaican culture with everyone through these products,” she told Vogue.

Sweet July Skincare is featured on both Black Is Remarkable and Buy Black Store, which features Black-owned businesses on Amazon. 

In an interview with E! News, Curry discussed her partnership with Amazon 

“I am so excited to have our “Sweet July” products selling in Amazon’s store, and I’m honored to be a Black business owner selling in Amazon’s store alongside so many other amazing brands,” she shared.

Curry will also support other Black-owned businesses by sharing her favorite products from the Black Is Remarkable storefront and the Buy Black Store. 

“Amazon and I are both extremely committed to supporting Black-owned businesses, and they are making it easy for customers to discover and shop the incredible selection these businesses provide,” Curry told E! News. “I also love using the new Small Business search filter, which helps customers filter their searches to discover products from small business brands and artisans while shopping.”

Sweet July Skincare products start at $22 and can be purchased on its website or omazon.com. For more information about the Sweet July Lifestyle Brand, visit www.sweetjuly.com.

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