Ayo Edebiri Gave Tearful Apology To Jennifer Lopez After Mocking Her Career

Ayo Edebiri Gave Tearful Apology To Jennifer Lopez After Mocking Her Career

Ayo Edebiri issued a tearful apology to Jennifer Lopez for her old podcast comments referring to J.Lo's career as "one long scam."

Actress Ayo Edebiri apologized to Jennifer Lopez backstage at Saturday Night Live for her old podcast comments about J.Lo’s career being “one long scam.”

The Emmy winner and singer/actress were booked to appear as host and musical guest on SNL. However, neither expected Edebiri’s comments about Lopez from a 2020 podcast to resurface online days before taping the live show.

At the time, Edebiri was a rising standup comic who appeared on the “Scam Goddess” podcast ahead of J.Lo’s Super Bowl halftime performance and offered her take on the pop star’s music career.

“Well, that’s the thing. She thinks she’s on multiple tracks, but it’s not her. I think she thinks that she’s still good even though, like, she’s not singing for most of these songs,” Edebiri said at the time. “A lot of the write-ups of the songs will be like, ‘J. Lo didn’t have time to make it to the studio,’ like, J.Lo was busy. It’s like, ‘Doing what?’ Not singing, obviously.”

In Lopez’s interview with Variety published on Tuesday, Feb. 13, the Hustlers star revealed the apology she received from Edebiri while backstage at “SNL.” Lopez says Edebiri was “mortified and very sweet.”

“She came to my dressing room and apologized with tears in her eyes, saying how terrible it was that she had said those things,” she explained.

“She felt really badly and loved my performance because we had just done my soundcheck and she actually got to hear me perform. She was just like, ‘I’m so f—ing sorry, it was so awful of me.'”

As for how Lopez feels about Edebiri’s podcast comments, The Bear star didn’t say anything Lopez hasn’t already heard.

“It’s funny. I’ve heard similar things said about me throughout my career, so it really didn’t affect me,” she said.

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