Babbel Helps Reshape You With Language Learning at 55% Off

Babbel Helps Reshape You With Language Learning at 55% Off

Japanese author Haruki Murakami wrote, “learning another language is like becoming another person.” And while that quote may sound like writer mumbo jumbo, there are scientific studies to back up that claim — people are often different depending on the language they’re speaking. 

One survey of English-German bilinguals found the languages themselves influenced how a person communicated, which shaped how their message was received and even affected how the speaker was perceived and how they felt about themselves. And nearly two-thirds agreed that they did when over 1,000 bilingual people were asked if they felt like a different person when they spoke other languages.

Business professionals know that what you present to the world matters. With the Babbel Language Learning app in your corner, you can create a whole cadre of you as you start learning 14 languages.

Backed by 10 million worldwide subscriptions and a respected 4.6-star rating out of 5 stars from more than 1 million Apple App Store and Google Play shoppers, Babbel has been one of the premier language learning methods for over a decade. Using their tried-and-true method, learners digest their expertly crafted 10- to 15-minute lessons at their own pace, drinking in conversation-based words and phrases native speakers use in their daily dialogue.

As these linguistic building blocks stack on top of each other, working together to quickly grow the arsenal of available thoughts and ideas you could use in your new language, whether it’s French, Spanish, German, or Italian. From lesson discussions with native speakers to interactive games, podcasts, and more, Babbel’s approach gets learners to understand and speak at an accelerated pace. With their method, Babbel users can usually speak and comprehend their new language in as little as 21 days.

Meanwhile, Babbel’s own speech recognition technology takes learning to another level. It listens to your speech and pronunciation, then offers specialized review materials and more to help improve your new skill.

Babbel offers a lifetime subscription membership with access to lessons in all its 14 languages. Right now, that membership is on sale for a limited time at 55% off.

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