Balancing Boss Moves and Health: One CEO’s Fitness and Wellness Journey

Balancing Boss Moves and Health: One CEO’s Fitness and Wellness Journey

Dr. Krystal Conner, CEO of Enviro AgScience Inc., a company that offers construction management and landscape design, balances motherhood and spousal duties all while ensuring that the multimillion-dollar company’s joint ventures expand far beyond U.S. shores. She inherited the company from her father, and has taken the baton to ensure the legacy of the company continues to be a successful one.

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While fulfilling, wearing many hats can be not only challenging, but taxing on one’s mind, body, and spirit. How does she keep it all together? caught up with her to talk health, wellness, and how she nurtures her best self. In terms of nutrition, what do you do to keep yourself energized, healthy, and ready for your day as a CEO?

Dr. Krystal Conner: I do a lot of meal planning for the family. On Sundays, I sit down and plan out what I’m going to prep for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It gets really busy with my children’s activities, my workload, and my husband’s responsibilities, and I don’t like to feel rushed in making decisions on what we’ll eat. It helps me avoid the drive-thru and picking up unhealthy options.

What do you do to keep yourself mentally ready for the day and motivated, beyond physical health?

Conner: Before my feet hit the ground out of bed, I pray. Also, before I go to sleep, I read my Bible, meditate, and make sure that’s the last thing I see before I close my eyes–not e-mails or a TV show. It keeps me grounded and balanced to take on my day with a clear head.

How do you ensure you have the time to make healthy habits such as exercise a priority, especially as a busy CEO?

Conner: In the past I would go to trainers–getting up at 4 a.m. to go work out at 5 a.m.–but I recently purchased exercise equipment to put in a dedicated room that serves as a gym in my home, so I have no excuse. It has cardio machines and weights, so now I don’t have to figure out a set time to work out and that whole ‘I don’t have time,’ won’t be an issue. I can simply walk downstairs and work out conveniently.

Tech is a big part of any busy CEO’s life. What tech tools or apps do you use to keep you on track with your health and wellness goals?

I use the Fitbit and the app that goes with that. I also use MyFitnessPal to keep up with what I’m eating, somewhat like a food journey. Right now it’s about getting in the best shape, being healthy, and that I’m not tired or sluggish so I can do what I need to think with a clear mind, and these definitely help.