Barack and Michelle Obama Partner with Spotify to Produce Exclusive Podcasts

Barack and Michelle Obama Partner with Spotify to Produce Exclusive Podcasts

Barack and Michelle Obama recently partnered with Spotify to produce podcasts that will cover an array of their favorite topics with the goal of creating compelling content that entertains and inspires viewers.

According to a recent press release, the power couple will produce under their newly formed production company, Higher Ground Productions, which took flight in 2018 with their initial partnership with Netflix. This will include developing, producing, and starring in the audio voice series. The distribution will be supported by Spotify worldwide.

“We’ve always believed in the value of entertaining, thought-provoking conversation,” President Obama said in a statement provided by Spotify. “It helps us build connections with each other and open ourselves up to new ideas. We’re excited about Higher Ground Audio because podcasts offer an extraordinary opportunity to foster productive dialogue, make people smile and make people think, and, hopefully, bring us all a little closer together.”

“We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to amplify voices that are too often ignored or silenced altogether, and through Spotify, we can share those stories with the world,” Michelle Obama said. “Our hope is that through compelling, inspirational storytelling, Higher Ground Audio will not only produce engaging podcasts, but help people connect emotionally and open up their minds—and their hearts.”

Spotify is a great home for the Obama’s with its 100 million Premium subscriber base and more than 217 million active users a month.

“President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are two of the world’s most important voices and it is a privilege to be working with them to identify and share stories that will inspire our global audience, which looks to Spotify for unique, breakthrough content,” said Spotify Chief Content Officer Dawn Ostroff in the statement. “Connecting people with original and thoughtful creators—especially those with the ability to highlight underrepresented and indispensable narratives—is at the core of our mission and we are thrilled that not only will the Obamas be producing content, but that they will be lending their voices to this effort.”