Beauty Content Creator Jackie Aina Launches Collection Of Luxury Self-Care Candles
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Beauty Content Creator Jackie Aina Launches Collection Of Luxury Self-Care Candles

Jackie Aina
(Image via @jackieaina/Instagram)

Nigerian American beauty content creator Jackie Aina has made a name for herself in the beauty industry. Her popular YouTube channel has over 3 million subscribers who live for her savvy beauty tips and commentary. Now the beauty maven is using her platform to launch a collection of luxury aromatherapy candles and accessories dedicated to practicing self-care.

Forvr Mood is a collection of candles and accessories made to do what its name suggests — set the mood. The new brand debuted three candles each with a different mood in mind from “Cuffing Season” to “Left On Read” in addition to a silk pillowcase and headband.

The brand has already sold out of its products and has amassed a waitlist consisting of more than 40,000 eager customers. The candles range from $32 to $49.

“Starting a business or even doing something unconventional is probably going to garner a lot of criticism,” Aina said in an interview with Refinery29. “You need to be able to confidently still believe in yourself with or without approvals and keep going, because that’s always what I’ve had to do. Don’t ever be discouraged.”

Aina added that she wanted a collection that helped those specifically within her community to practice more self-care and take care of their mental health.

“I feel that, especially in the Black community, we’re not saying, ‘Look, sis, take care of yours,’ and I felt it was extremely important to create products that were solution-based on making people feel good inside,” she added. “It’s about reeducating how we grind. I don’t just grind with my content; I also grind with my mental health and self-care.”