Beauty Entrepreneur Angela C. Stevens Serves Others Through Haircare and Education

Emmy Award-winning hairstylist Angela C. Stevens is booked and busy. Her beauty empire is growing exponentially, and her passion for haircare and education is coming full circle.

Stevens has a résumé full of titles. From wig maker and salon owner to educator and author, the Chicago native remains diligent in fulfilling her mission to uplift, enlighten, and inspire others.

“I love the power a woman possesses when she’s confident about her look,” Stevens once said, per her website. “Flawless hair is a force to be reckoned with.”

As a master stylist, Stevens understands the assignment. She also founded Conscious Curls Hair Wig and extensions retailer offering a line of bundles, wigs, clip-ins, ponytails, and more for consumers to slay.

Over the years, Stevens has aligned herself with many beauty brands as she paves her mission forward. She has served as an educator for Mielle Organics, Girl + Hair, Camille Rose Naturals, and Cantu Beauty.

“Having the ability to create products and suggest ingredients that can help educate customers on creating an easier regimen for their lifestyles is a win-win,” Stevens tells BLACK ENTERPRISE in an exclusive interview.


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With Cantu, Stevens began as a platform artist for tradeshows, later sharing her insights on products and formulations. To date, she lends her expertise in caring for curly and coily hair as an ambassador/consultant with the beauty brand.

“Being on the development side of things is so fulfilling because I have gotten the opportunity to see products launch from the development phase,” Stevens explains. “I also enjoy the opportunity to create solutions for common hair issues I see in the salon; it’s the most rewarding part of seeing new products come to market.”

In the summer, Stevens says, “protective styles are king,” such as braids, extensions, and faux locs. She recommends the following Cantu products for hair and scalp solutions:

  • Cantu Tea Tree & Jojoba Hair & Scalp Oil—which can be used as a daily moisturizer
  • Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioner – in between protective styling to hydrate and seal the cuticle
  • Cantu Keratin Protein Masque – for dry, damaged hair to assist with repair during the summer
  • Cantu Avocado Hydrating Refresher Spray – which can be used as a daily to spray inside weaves and on braids

As an educator, Stevens prioritizes the next generation of readers through literature. She strives to “unify and educate young men and women of all ethnicities on the importance of self-confidence, diversity, and friendship,” as stated in a press release obtained by BLACK ENTERPRISE.

Hair is a self-published children’s book written by Stevens. The story follows young Keely, who hates her big puffy hair and struggles to fit in at school. She discovers a secret about her hair when she shares her frustrations with her mother.

“Growing up, I didn’t see literature that expressed the beauty of natural hair, so I wanted to create a love story to my younger self and to help with conversations in families about texture and diversity,” Stevens says.

She continues, “In the salon, more often than not, I would hear my clients express self-hatred for their natural hair, and I know it stems from childhood and the traumas that we all have experienced when it pertains to our hair. Now, thankfully, books like Hair and other literature are prevalent for our new generation of readers.”


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The self-proclaimed natural-born entrepreneur discovered how to capitalize on her passion; the rest is history.

“My best advice for beauty entrepreneurs is to keep learning, collaborating, and putting your ideas out there, Stevens says. “Adding to the culture and improving it while learning from your peers and predecessors is key. Keep loving what you do, and being flexible along the way will also be essential in your growth. More than anything, be confident in your purpose. You belong here, too!”