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Ben Carson Endorses Donald Trump—Again

During a campaign stop in Iowa former President Donald Trump was joined onstage by his one-time Housing Secretary Ben Carson. The former surgeon endorsed the disgraced leader.

According to The Hill, on Oct 29, while Carson was introducing Trump at the campaign event, he also endorsed him. Carson told the crowd, “As I stand here today, I want to offer my most confident and full endorsement of Donald J. Trump,” Carson said. “Donald Trump believes in our freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the right to keep and bear arms,” he added. “So we can fix our country, and we can make America great again. And President Donald J. Trump is the person to do that.”

Carson seems to be impressed by the fact that Trump is continuing his run for President of the United States of America while he is in the middle of court battles, as Carson continued praising Trump unequivocally, “Donald Trump lost millions if not billions of dollars. And he’s been attacked constantly and demonized, and yet, he’s still there. They haven’t gotten rid of him. They’re trying to do everything in their power to get rid of [him]. Because he’s the biggest threat to the administrative state and to the swamp.”

Carson also followed up this resounding endorsement of Trump with a post on X, saying, “Our nation is in desperate need of strong leadership—a President who fights for the American people, our freedoms, our safety, and our future. Donald J. Trump is that leader, and I am proud to give him my full endorsement for President of the United States today. Join me in this fight to Make America Great Again!”

Carson’s pivot to Trump supporter after running against him in the 2016 election was encapsulated by Carson in a 2020 op-ed for USA Today, when Carson stumped for Trump and claimed he was a friend to the Black community at large, “This president focused on historically black colleges and universities, achieved prison reform, and prioritized investment in vulnerable neighborhoods. Trump isn’t a politician — we certainly know exactly what he’s thinking, which makes him highly effective for the American people and a threat to the Washington swamp.” 

On the campaign trail in 2023, Carson is again repeating the same themes that a vote for Trump is a vote for America and that he will “drain the swamp,” a phrase that the ex-president employed throughout his campaign as a euphemism for the corruption he saw as part of the political structure in Washington D.C.