Best Co-Working Spaces for Entrepreneurs of Color 2016

Best Co-Working Spaces for Entrepreneurs of Color 2016

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becoworkingspaces_updatedStudies show that co-working spaces foster creative and productive environments. According to one survey, benefits include improved focus and standard of work, and a better ability to meet deadlines.

There are new spaces opening every day around the country. While some cities, particularly tech hub cities, have a greater density of co-working locations than others; they can be found coast-to-coast.

We canvassed many of the spaces all throughout the United States to find the most ideal for entrepreneurs of color. To select the best, we adhered to the following:

  • The space had to be in a location with a large population of African Americans and other people of color.
  • It has to offer reasonable rates.
  • The locations chosen offer no to one-year commitments, nothing longer.
  • The space has all of the necessities to run a business: high-speed Internet, conference room, printing, faxing, and copy services, as well as a kitchenette or break room.
  • Extra amenities such as storage space, 24/7 access, bike storage, whiteboards, and office supplies were favored. Bonuses points were given for those spaces that go above and beyond the basics and provide free food and beverages, networking and events, cozy outside work space and more. (Most of the extra amenities are provided at higher-priced rates, however).
  • The spaces either make a special effort to invite members of underrepresented communities or they have multicultural teams as per information on their websites.

We did not include WeWork and LiquidSpace. We focused on independently-operated spaces.

For the purposes here, co-working spaces are divided into regions within the continental United States with significant African American populations. The regions and their corresponding cities and states include:

New England: Massachusetts

Northeast (Mid-Atlantic): New York, Pennsylvania

Midwest: Chicago, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio

South: Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington D.C.

Southwest: Texas

West: California

Here are Black Enterprise’s current choices for the best co-working spaces for entrepreneurs of color across the country.

 Best Co-Working Spaces in New England for Entrepreneurs of Color 2016

Best Co-Working Spaces for Entrepreneurs of Color in the Northeast 2016

Best Co-Working Spaces in the Midwest for Entrepreneurs of Color 2016

Best Co-Working Spaces in the South for Entrepreneurs of Color 2016

Best Co-Working Spaces in the Southwest and West for Entrepreneurs of Color 2016